Dark Shadows

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In 1760 the Collins sail from Liverpool to North America where they find the city of Collinsport, Maine. Their son, Barnabas (Depp) grows up to be a wealthy playboy and becomes the master of Collinwood Manor. He breaks the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Green), a witch, who casts a curse on his family, turns him into a vampire and locks him up in a coffin. In 1972 he accidentally escapes and returns to his ancestral home where he finds his once-grand estate in ruins and his dysfunctional descendants in need of his protection.

This was not entertaining. I fell asleep, bored out of my mind. There are three factors that contribute to this lack of excitement: 1) the overkill of the vampire phenomenon 2) Johnny Depp is not a vampire and 3) high expectations.

Vampires were always mysterious and intriguing characters, until five years ago when they took over the literary and filmmaking world. They were romanticized until they sparkled and adopted humane characteristics – more so than before. Personally I think the world is over vampires and this movie is yet another shallow, unrealistic story to add to the many others produced over the last few years. Secondly, Johnny Depp sucks as a vampire (no pun intended). It can be because the character is not as interesting as Depp’s usual bizarre roles. But he was not convincing at all. He does, however, provide comic relief.

A Burton-Depp duo assures high expectations – their colabs are always amazing and out of this world and even more so, a Burton-Depp-Carter trio. Unfortunately this was highly disappointing. It was bizarre, but not in a good way. The visuals are great, but the movie fails to find I good rhythm to mix and blend the spookiness and comedy. The set design, costumes and make-up was creatively executed and the actors were superbly chosen for their roles. Unfortunately they, and Burton, fail to make it a success and in the end kill the fantasy aspect.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Chloë Grace Moretz and Bella Heathcote

Directed by: Tim Burton

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy

Release Date: 11 May 2012

Rating: **

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