bt16 #photography: My Top 20 Favourite Portraits

We focused on portraiture in our photojournalism class last week and got an assignment where we had to hand in 3 self portraits, 3 faceless portraits, 3 street portraits and 3 portraits of someone close to us.

I was not too pleased with my work, I felt too constrained and did not have enough time to plan proper photoshoots.

I am not going to share this work with you as I am not proud of it, but I…

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I signed up with ROAR (Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights) and every Saturday we go to the Grahamstown SPCA to brush the donkeys, walk the dogs and play with the cats.

I have gone twice already and my heart breaks in a million pieces every time. I love animals and love hanging out with them, but it makes me incredibly sad how humans treat them.

It is fun to play with them, but I also feel extreme anger and sadness whenever I go. Usually I do not go near the kennels because I start crying. So I rather spend my time with the adorable kittens and friendly donkeys.

Meet my furry friends:

Photos were taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 
This is how I spend my Saturdays: Fun with donkeys and kitties at the Grahamstown SPCA I signed up with ROAR (Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights) and every Saturday we go to the Grahamstown SPCA to brush the donkeys, walk the dogs and play with the cats.

bt16 photography: Photographic Optical Obstacle Course

This week’s photojournalism assignment was to photograph 10-15 photos out of a list of 25 options. The assignment was called Photographic Optical Obstacle Course. The instructions of each photo option puts the photographer in a bit of a tricky situation. We had to photograph them as well as we could, thinking about how our photographs communicate, about the composition, exposure, sharpness,…

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What is #TacoTuesday without beef tacos? Two recipes for the most amazing tacos.

What is Taco Tuesday without beef tacos?

I found two recipes for beef tacos. The first one is by Ali Ebright, food blogger of Gimme Some Oven. She, however, uses a slow cooker to make delicious shredded beef for the tacos. Now for those (like myself: a student on a budget) who do not own a slow cooker, there is also a simpler recipe that  I found on Jamie Oliver’s website.

Slow-Cooker Shredded…

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#TacoTuesday recipe: Bacon Ice Cream…!

If you love ice cream and bacon and bourbon, I found a recipe on Imbibe from food blogger Jana Erwin, who combines the three to a dreamy effect.

Maple Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream Ingredients
  • 5 strips bacon
  • 2 tsp. light brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 3/4 cups brown sugar
  • 3 cups half and half (milk)
  • 1 1/3 cup grade A pure maple syrup
  • 2 tsp. bourbon (whiskey)
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
  1. Scald…

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Hi! If you don’t know me, my name is Tyler Oakley. For the past month, I’ve been raising money for charity to celebrate my birthday. My initial goal was $150,000 for The Trevor Project (the leading national organization for crisis and suicide prevention specializing in LGBT youth).

So far, we’ve raised over $400,000, and the power of this community has humbled me more than I can express. Now, with four days to go, I’m challenging my people to help us come together to reach $500,000 as our final goal! Imagine half a million dollars helping save young lives. Incredible.

There are tons of rewards for people who donate, one of the most popular being this SUPER CUTE T-SHIRT for anyone who donates $50. Also, as an added bonus, every donation enters you to win the grand prize: a trip for two to Los Angeles - and if you want, a dinner date with me.

Help me use my birthday to help others reach more of their birthdays. Every donation helps, and when we come together, we can do big things. Think of it this way - would you rather get a couple drinks from Starbucks or help save lives? And remember: it’s not about getting a few people to donate the MOST money, it’s about getting EVERYONE to donate what they can. To those who have already donated - thank you. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. If possible, consider donating again, or telling your best friend about why they should. <3

If you’ve made it this far, please reblog this. I need YOUR help spreading the word in these final days of fundraising. You guys are incredible. Thank you. <3


(Look at how many notes this has, and imagine if all those people donated $10. We’d be so much closer to our goal. Let’s do this. I’m talking to YOU.)

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Folk punk legend Frank Turner live in Cape Town. Thanks Parklife Festival for the Amazing show

Click Here for the rest of the Photos

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Band of the Week: Mother Of Stone #newpost #newband #music @MotherOfStone @DanielleGalbra

Melting mother, knows what you’re under

The two cousins, Danielle Galbraith (35) and Chrissy Mongeau (34), have been collaborating musically since they were in high school, around 1994/5. They would laze about in Dani’s backyard with a guitar and a flute. Bob Dylan’s “Fourth Time Around” from Blonde On Blonde - Dani’s favourite Dylan album – was the first song they played together.

Both of them…

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#TacoTuesday recipe of the week: @DanielleGalbra’s wonderful Coco Harvest Smoothie :) Even Popeye would love this.

My dear friend, Danielle Galbraith, invented a smoothie even Popeye would love.

I wish I was as cool and owned a blender to make smoothies left, right and centre, like I used to do every morning in America. But, I will try this when I visit my parentals and sister in April.

The smoothie is jammed with vitamins and healthy minerals and goodies for your body.

Coco Harvest Smoothie Ingredients
  • 1…

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Friday was a public holiday in South Africa. My friends – Tina and Belarani – and I decided to make the most of this day and went on a semi road trip to Port Alfred and Kenton.

The weather was perfect and the company extraordinary.

We had pizza, or as Tina likes to call it ‘pit-za’ at Guido’s in Port Alfred by the pier. After lunch we travelled back to Kenton-on-Sea to soak in the last rays of sunshine of that fun filled day. We ate nachos and laughed at The Polar Bear Club (people who swim in cold water).

On the way back to Grahamstown we saw zebras, impala, eland and a lone giraffe.

Life is wild in Africa! :))))

Here are some images of the day:

(Btw, they were taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 – the camera is truly amazing)

What I got up to this weekend: Beach trip with friends #beachvibez #roadtrip #kenton #portalfred #southafrica #bt16 Friday was a public holiday in South Africa. My friends - Tina and Belarani - and I decided to make the most of this day and went on a semi road trip to…